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Our nation is facing a crisis.

A crisis of the heart, soul and mind. A crisis where people have developed a "us versus them attitude," and where division and hatred has torn the great nation we knew as the United States of America, into the Divided States of America.

While our nation has never been problem free, the current rip goes deep and impacts many people in many different hurtful ways, and we should not just sit back and be content to wait to see what happens, but get active to make the right things happen.

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About Us

Beyond Christmas is a non-profit organization that commits and encourages EVERYONE, men, women, boys, girls, families, businesses & groups, to commit DAILY Acts of Kindness & Compassion.
We are a outreach ministry of Faith Good Shephard Chapel

About Us

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Our Vision

We envision a world where all people are concerned about and care for one another, BEYOND the holidays. A world where all people are dedicated to upholding racial equality and combating racism in all forms through community organizing and training, public education, legislative initiatives, and if necessary, litigation. We encourage everyone to seek DAILY opportunities to commit acts of kindness and/or compassion for a family member, a friend or a complete stranger.​ World kindness and equality is our ultimate goal, and we've begun in America to create awareness to address the broad spectrum of issues that negatively and disproportionately

impact people of color; including but not limited to - employment, education, business opportunities,  health care, and housing.

Our Vision

Our Mission

The mission of Beyond Christmas is to encourage everyone to be concerned about and to care for one another BEYOND the holidays, and to creatively deliver the unchanging Word of God to an increasingly changing world.


The United States of America and the nations of the world are filled with people that could use a helping hand and that can be a helping hand. Everyone, regardless of their age, gender or location, has the potential to be of assistance to someone, somewhere, somehow, at some time in their lifetime.

Several years ago we began secretly paying off Christmas layaway's at Kmart stores and soon many people around the country joined us.

Many of these Beyond Christmas supporters, lovingly referred to as MOBILE ANGELS, focus on practicing DAILY Acts of Kindness & Compassion while collectively changing the world with their kindness and generosity - one kind act at a time.


From placing a coin or two in an expired parking meter, to holding the door open for someone, to helping someone rake their leaves, shovel their driveway, or helping someone pay their, rent, mortgage, etc. Large or small, you can help us do it all! Come join us!

Commit an act of kindness by signing The Pledge below! 

Our Mission
Donation Gift

Thank you gifts for your support to help us continue doing acts of kindness and compassion.
Because of your gifts, there will be more creative expressions of kindness & compassion across America and even around the world!

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The Pldge

The Pledge

I Pledge to

Overcome the fear of "different" and replace it with the willingness to understand. 

I Pledge to

Encourage the lonely, stand up for the bullied, come along side those that are left out, 

and cheer on the challenged.

I Pledge to

Appreciate who I am and to appreciate those that are different from me.


Discrimination    Racisim   Gender Bias

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Let's Get These Billboards Up In Your City With Your Company, Nonprofit, Group, or Family Name


We also want to highlight people, businesses, organizations and groups that are helping to make America one.

One nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. 
For information Email Us @

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Let's Make America One

All those that take the pledge will be entered into weekly drawings to win LMAO Gear

Thank you for signing The Pledge!

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