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Let's Make America One Pledge

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Our nation is facing a crisis.


A crisis of the heart, soul and mind. A crisis where people have developed a “us versus them attitude,” and where division and hatred has torn the great nation we knew as the United States of America, into the Divided States of America.


While our nation has never been problem free, the current rip goes deep and impacts many people in many different and hurtful ways, and we should “not just sit back and be content to wait to see what will happen, but get active to make the right things happen”.


I Pledge To - Overcome the fear of "different," and replace it with the willingness to understand.
I Pledge To - Encourage the lonely, stand up for the bullied, come along side those that are left out, and cheer on the challenged.
I Pledge To - Appreciate who I am and to appreciate those that are different from me.

When you sign this pledge by completing the form below, we’ll send you updates on the work that Beyond Christmas and it's Supporter's are doing around the country.


Thanks for taking The Pledge! Click to Donate

Thanks for taking The Pledge! Click to Donate

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